1 to 1 Windows XP Introduction Course

Approximate duration 3 Days

Overview of Microsoft Windows XP
Screen Display & Menu System ‡ Help System

Windows Desktop
Opening & Closing Applications ‡ Application & Document Windows
Creating & Managing Short Cuts ‡ Desktop Properties

Windows Task Bar
Switching Between Applications ‡ Task Bar Properties

Start Menu
Overview of the Windows Menu Systems ‡ Personalizing the Windows Menu System

Windows Applications
Features Common to all Applications ‡ Windows Clipboard
Mouse and Keyboard Short Cuts ‡ Windows Accessories e.g. Notepad

Windows Explorer
Overview ‡ File Management & the Recycle Bin ‡ Finding Files
Accessing Windows Explorer from Applications
Sharing Files and Printers on a Network ‡ Personalizing the Desktop & Menu Systems

Internet & Intranets
Internet Explorer ‡ Browsing the Internet & Intranets ‡ Active Desktop
E-Mail and Fax Messages

Windows Components ‡ Applications ‡ Printers & Other Hardware ‡ Plug & Play

Control Panel ‡ Controlling Print Jobs ‡ Scandisk & Disk Defragmenter
Scheduling Tasks ‡ Virus Protection

The 1 to 1 Computer Training course details are only intended as a rough guide.
We will be pleased to personalise any course to suit your requirements.
Courses vary to reflect the version of the software that you use.