1 to 1 Microsoft Outlook or Windows Live Mail
Introduction Course

Approximate duration 2 Days

Overview of Microsoft Windows

Introduction to Microsoft Outlook
Outlook Window & Toolbar ‡ Outlook Components ‡ Screen Views
Opening, Closing & Printing Entries

Introduction to Internal & Internet Mail ‡ Inbox, Outbox, Sent Items Folders
Creating and Sending E-Mail Messages ‡ Creating and Sending Fax Messages
Receiving & Reading Messages ‡ Replying To & Forwarding Messages
File Attachments ‡ Selecting the E-Mail Editor

Entering & Editing Diary Entries ‡ Recurring Entries ‡ Scheduling Meetings

Entering & Editing Tasks ‡ Scheduling Tasks in the Calendar
Assigning Tasks to Other Users

Contacts and Address Books
Entering & Editing New Contacts ‡ Managing the Personal Address Book

Entering & Editing Journal Entries ‡ Automating Journal Entries

Creating and Editing Notes

Managing Entries
Sorting Entries ‡ Categorizing Entries ‡ Filtering Entries ‡ Searching for Entries

Managing Folders
Creating New Folders ‡ Public Folders ‡ Copying and Moving Entries Between Folders
Deleted Items Folder ‡ Archiving Folder Entries

Access Privileges
Allowing Other Users to Access Selected Folders
Managing Another User's Diary & Messages

The 1 to 1 Computer Training course details are only intended as a rough guide.
We will be pleased to personalise any course to suit your requirements.
Courses vary to reflect the version of the software that you use.