1 to 1 Internet Introduction Course

Approximate duration 2 Days

Getting Started
What is the Internet ‡ Using the Internet ‡ Understanding the Internet
Internet Services Overview
Common Terminology ‡ Security Issues & the Internet
Local Intranets

Internet Addressing
Standard Internet Addresses ‡ Understanding Domain Names ‡ Top Level Domains
Internet Protocols e.g. HTTP, FTP etc. ‡ Internet E-Mail Addresses

Browsing Web Sites
Accessing a Web Site/Page ‡ Recognizing & Using Hyperlinks ‡ Printing Web Pages
Saving Web Pages for Off Line Use ‡ Downloading Files
Personalizing the Display Settings

Searching the Internet
Locating a Web Search Engine ‡ Popular Web Search Sites
Searching for Topics & Keywords ‡ Performing Searches for Specific Pages
Managing Search Results Efficiently

Recommended Web Sites
Default Web Page - Home Page ‡ Useful Web Sites ‡ Publicizing Useful Sites

Storing Hyperlinks in:

Favourites Folder ‡ Office Documents ‡ Outlook Contacts Databases ‡ Public Folders

The 1 to 1 Computer Training course details are only intended as a rough guide.
We will be pleased to personalise any course to suit your requirements.
Courses vary to reflect the version of the software that you use.