1 to 1 Microsoft Excel Introduction Course

Approximate duration 3 Days

Overview of Microsoft Windows

Introduction to Microsoft Excel
Worksheet Menu & Toolbar ‡ Navigating & Selecting Cells ‡ Entering & Editing Cell Data
Copying, Moving & Filling Data

Working With Files
Saving, Opening & Closing Workbooks ‡ Printing & Print Preview

Creating & Editing Formulas
Using Arithmetic Operators ‡ Working with Dates & Times ‡ Using Common Functions
Exploring Available Functions ‡ Using Absolute Cell References ‡ Using Range Names

Formatting Data
Cell Formats ‡ Row & Column Formats

Editing Worksheet Layout
Inserting & Deleting Rows & Columns ‡ Inserting & Deleting Worksheets
Moving & Copying Worksheets

Working with Large Worksheets
Freeze Panes & Print Titles ‡ Pagination & Page Break Preview ‡ Headers & Footers
Setting Default Print Area ‡ Printing Selected Cell & Worksheet Ranges

Working with Charts
Embedded Charts v Chart Sheets ‡ Chart Wizard ‡ Editing Charts
Formatting Chart Components ‡ Custom & Default Charts ‡ Printing Charts

File Management & Virus Warning

The 1 to 1 Computer Training course details are only intended as a rough guide.
We will be pleased to personalise any course to suit your requirements.
Courses vary to reflect the version of the software that you use.