1 to 1 Macromedia DreamWeaver Introduction Course

Approximate duration 3 Days
(Students must have some PhotoShop Experience)

Getting Started
What is a Web Site? ‡ Intranet Vs Internet ‡ Starting DreamWeaver
The DreamWeaver Application Window ‡ Mouse & Key Actions
Menus & Toolbars ‡ Shortcut Menus

Viewing & Editing
Opening a Web ‡ Normal/HTML/Preview ‡ Adding a Page ‡ Editing a Page
Formatting a Page ‡ Copying, Moving & Deleting ‡ Using the Undo Command

Web Page Text
Adding & Editing ‡ Formats, Font, Colour & Alignment ‡ Bullets & Numbers

Web Page Graphics
Using Colour ‡ Adding Images ‡ Manipulating Images ‡ Adding Flash Objects
Creating Image Maps ‡ Linking to Named Anchors

Why Use Tables
Creating & Editing Tables ‡ Sizing & Positioning Tables ‡ Column Widths & row Heights
Cell Formatting ‡ Sorting ‡ Using Tracing Images

What is HTML
The Structure of a Web Page ‡ Title, Head & Body Sections ‡ URLs & E-Mail Addresses
Hyperlinks ‡ Editing HTML Code ‡ Using Tags

Links to Other Pages ‡ Links within Pages ‡ Links to Normal Documents ‡ Rollover Effects

Site Navigation Considerations ‡ What are Frames ‡ Site Design with Frames
Creating Frames ‡ Linking Frames & Windows ‡ Frame Borders ‡ Includes

Building a Form ‡ Adding Form Components ‡ Emailing Form Results ‡ Testing Forms

Style Sheets
Styles ‡ Styles Sheets ‡ Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)

Using Libraries
DreamWeaver Libraries ‡ Adding Libraries ‡ Using Libraries ‡ Managing Libraries

The Web Site
Site Maintenance ‡ Managing the Site ‡ Web Site Design Considerations
Previewing The Web Site ‡ Considering the Effect of Different Browse
Applications ‡ FTP to Internet/Intranet
Getting Your Site Noticed ‡ Search Engines

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The 1 to 1 Computer Training course details are only intended as a rough guide.
We will be pleased to personalise any course to suit your requirements.
Courses vary to reflect the version of the software that you use.