Classroom Training vs. 1 to 1 Training

1-to-1 Computer Training was formed to deal with the shortfall of conventional classroom-based computer training. During research we found that many students were unhappy with large class sizes, they had to wait a long time to get help from their teacher and many students had to sit through vast amounts of information that they would never likely use.

Students learn at different paces and this can be intimidating for some in a classroom situation, and with the pressures of exams and tests, students can sometimes be put off altogether.

It is quite often the case that colleges will advertise their IT courses with a misleading catch line, such as: "learn how to download pictures from your digital camera onto your computer". It's not until you read the small print (if you can find it) that you realise that you've signed up to a complex graphics course with an exam that you will have to pay extra for! Colleges don't usually get their funding from the government unless an exam is taken. Most Colleges are now large commercial businesses that only want you to sign on the dotted line regardless of your background or current skill level. All this we think helps to explain the commercial "hard sell" approach from some collegesa and learning centres.

1-to-1 Computer Training is based in Canterbury and immediate surrounding areas, and is especially geared towards beginners and the more mature learner. Learning from home is very practical as some students have difficulty getting to a college/school. Students can can learn and practice on the versions of software that they have installed on their own computers, making it easier for them to retain what is taught.

With 1-to-1 Computer Training students can learn what they want to learn about computers with the trainers undivided attention. However, we can provide set computer courses if required.